Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Blues

As y'all probably know by now, it's summer! Summer is a great season for lots of reasons. Firstly, there's the sweet tea and shining sun. Secondly, there's no school and lots of fun activities to do! Finally, there's the clothes. Summer fashion is great because you can finally bring out all of those beautiful colors and cool shades. In the outfit below, I am wearing mostly H&M clothing, with blue floral jeans for $20 and an exquisite blue tank top for $25. The tree of life necklace is simply a $5 charm from Walmart attached to a chain. I paired this summer outfit with a side braid, shades, and sandals. Brown accessories look great with blue! 
Post in the comments below what your favorite summer activity and summer clothing piece is. Enjoy the sunshine!! :D

The Butterfly Bun

This hairdo works very well for long hair of any color or texture. I love doing this hairstyle when I don't have much time or when I'm just tired of wearing my hair down, in general. 
1. Brush all of your hair back and hold it in your hand as if you were going to make it into a ponytail. Don't tie it! 
2. Instead of tying it, slowly begin to twist it until it becomes tight enough to clump into itself. 
3. Once you have twisted it tight enough, begin to swirl it around until it looks like the bun below. It will likely look much like a sock bun, except a little messier.
4. At the center of the bun, there should be a small hole from the origin of where you twisted the hair. You can take a fake flower or decorative butterfly, as I did below, and connect it to some wire, which can then be stuffed through the hole in the middle of the bun. 
5. Finally, you should have an easy bun, with some flare in the back!
Post a picture of your version of the Butterfly Bun in the comments below!